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Looking for a short piece for your recital to fit between the Jolivet and the Tomasi? Need some rest? Want someone to throw you a “potato” (a work that’s easy on the chops and that you can talk about for 5 minutes while you rest)? This is the collection for you!

Looking for a different way to practice your excerpts? How many of the standard licks that are on every audition have emotional baggage that appears every time you practice them? A fresh look at some standard audition material will renew your enthusiasm.

The études that we have all known and loved for years with exciting new piano accompaniments by Stanley Friedman. These creative twist on old standards include strategic rests for the soloist and make these the perfect new recital pieces for your studio. This set includes études 2, 4, 11 & 13.

Hot off the press! These euphonium-specific studies were inspired by Hiram Diaz (that’s right-The President’s Own euphonium player!), who had me pull out all the stops to explore the amazing versatility of this instrument. You’ve never seen anything like this before! In bass clef. TC Bb version coming soon!


Featured on a NEW soon to be released Summit recording by Jim Markey and Mike Roylance!

I sketched this out between Boston Pops Holiday shows after they told me about the project. These guys inspire me every time I hear them, and this piece takes you from galloping fast paced craziness to singing, soaring lyrical lines, while visiting  Dvorak, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mahler and Wagner along the way- all in 6 minutes!

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